Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to socialize and economize!

Welcome to A Party to Perfection! I have been in business since June 2007 doing mostly pro bono events, but have decided to test the waters. I couldn't be entering at a scarier time! The economy is in a recession, jobs are being lost, homes are being foreclosed and we are all worried. But, the one thing we have to look forward to is a fun and exiciting night with our friends and family, right? So, why not lift up spirits about the shape our economy by throwing a great party on that decreasing budget! Sure, it's easy to have a fabulous party when expense is not an issue, but eighty percent of the population has a budget.

I've heard my husband on numerous occasions ask me "How much did that set me back" when I am throwing my son a birthday party or my sister a wedding shower. My reply "You can't put a price on happiness", but sometimes you just have to!

So, here are some tips on how to stretch that ever decreasing budget and still have a great event!

1) Rent speciality linens in a variety of colors and texture for that "wow" factor.

2) Order the standard linens and use speciality napkins or incorporate folded specialty napkins as part of the table decor

3)Pin-shot the cake with lighting, uplight the landscaping, or use a gobo on the dance floor

4) When using white china, mix up shapes for a unique look

5)Chiavari ballroom chairs are wonderful, but try wooden chairs in different colors from standard white, black and primary colors to mahogany and walnut

6) Use standard glassware at the bar and then upgrade table glasses that the guests will be actually staring at while they eat.

7)Use stainless steel flatware instead of silver

8) Consider the season of your event

9) Consider a venue that will not need a lot of decorating: a beautiful church with natural lighting, a vast field and so on. The more you have to rent, the higher the budget gets!

10) Use filling/heavy hors d'ouevres for your guests

11)Purchase your adult beverages by the bottle and then return the unopened bottles instead of using the venues beverages and paying corking fees, if permissable.

12) You can get away with more economical food choices if you throw a brunch over a dinner event

13) Centerpieces do not have to be expensive to be memorable. You can have elaborate six foot floral centerpieces or six inch metal buckets with wheat grass with your theme incorporated into the grass. The options are limitless.

14) Order invitations from a store within driving range to save on shipping costs

15) Hire an event planner who works with local vendors to guarantee the best price and customer service (aka: Me)!

Economizing does not mean you should have to sacrifice style! Call me today for package details and pricing! I hope your next party will be "A Party to Perfection".

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