Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How a Wedding Planner Can Ease Your Stress

So I ran across this article in the Fall/Winter 2008 Weddings with Style International Publication. I have stated this several times and am glad to see it in print! Heed this advice and save the stress and money! This article specifies weddings, but this holds true for all events.

While some people may believe that hiring a wedding planner is an added expense, this is rarely the case. A good wedding planner can actually save you much more money than you would be able to save yourself, effectively covering atleast her cost. The reason that weddingg planners are so easily able to save the couple money is part due to the fact that they have been doing this for a while. Most couples do not go through several dozen weddings, and so when they are planning they simply may not be aware of the many places in which corners can be cut in order to save time and money. (*Refer to my first post in February 2009) Wedding planners are aware of these things, and this is what enables them to be so helpful. It is not that ehy merely take care of the details for the couple; they actually know what they are doing and exist in order to help the bride and groom. This can help make the entire process run more smoothly and easily, pleasingg just about everyone that is otherwise involved in the process of planning the wedding.
Choosing a wedding planner should not be too difficult. Most wedding planners will also have relationships and networking strategies in place when igt comes tgo wedding vendors in the area and other establishments that are involved in helping to preapre for the event. Your wedding planner should also be skilled when it comes to creating an orgagnized and structured timeline, during which all the necessary arrangements will be made.
Typically, the wedding planner will have lots of creative ideas, and not just when it comes to the financial aspects of the wedding. If an individual is considering usingg a wedding planner, they should not feel as if they are removing themselves from the process of planning their own weddingg. Rather, they should feel grateful and happy that they will be able to lan this process without giving in to the stress that would otherwise go along with it. Ideas will still be taken into consideration, but the job of the wedding planner is to take the ideas of the individual and turn them into realizations that will accent and complete the wedding itself.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coming Soon!

It is getting difficult to sit down and blog when the weather is so beautiful outside! Any moment my three year old son is awake he is constantly shouting "Outside" or "Bike"! I have to pick him up from his Mother's Day Out program in thirty minutes, so let's see what I can get accomplished...

1) I am in the process of putting together a "One Stop Shop" for event planning vendors in Northwest Arkansas and other great websites that I have used for events and hope to have them up by the end of this weekend.

2) I am working with a friend of mine who is a graphic design artist to revamp my website and blog so hopefully these will be up and running by the end of May.

3) Let's see if we can get my husband on board with my career aspirations! Keep those fingers crossed!

4) I hope to post all the fantastic blogs and sites I've ran across this past week and hopefully incorporate these into your next event!

Enjoy this weather today!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's not just about Location, Location, Location!

We want to make sure that the event we have planned for so many months and spent countless nights thinking about is memorable to our guests, but do not forget to capture the memories for yourself! While we all want to incorporate "the" current trends into our weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate events, etc., you need to also remember that photography isn't excluded from trends. I married my husband six years ago and photography wasn't "trendy" and now, while I cherish my wedding photos, they're so standard, traditional and well, boring! These are some top trends to consider when wanting to capture your wedding day and other events. These tips will definitely make sure that your guests and YOU will never forget your day!

9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends:
1. Become the Center of Attention
Iead of flowers, fill photo cubes with different shots from your dating history or world travels and then use them as table centerpieces. It's a great conversation-starter and a nice way for guests to learn more about the early stages of your relationship. And unlike fresh blooms, you can decorate your home with these afterward.

2. Be the Favors

Have your photo imprinted on cookies and leave one at each place setting. Opt for a black-and-white, vintage-looking image so it doesn't come out cheesy. Wrap the cookie in wax paper and tie with a ribbon. Then let guests eat their hearts out -- and your faces off!

3. Head to the City
Engagement cityscape shoots are popular because of the iconic quality of posing by recognizable landmarks. No skyline? Shooting against an urban brick wall can convey the same message. Use your favorite image in your save-the-dates or, for instant reception decor, blow up one of the pictures, mat it, and set it on an easel near the escort cards. Display other shots in your table cards.

During the Reception...

4. Ditch the Formality
Try some casual shots, like the bride sitting on a staircase right after the ceremony, breathing a sigh of relief, with champagne at her feet. Or consider finding an "unofficial" setting. If your reception is at a country club, take pics on the golf course. Ask your photographer to get candids of your group making their way there. It's those between-the-moments photos that always turn out best.

5. Go Behind the Curtain
Rent a photo booth and a technician to troubleshoot. Have guests tape wacky shots next to their messages in the guest book. Or create a DIY photo studio in a section of the reception room. Hang a nine-foot-wide seamless paper for a backdrop and bring a printer so guests can take photos home.

Photo Booth

6. Let it Slide
Run a slideshow of images from the ceremony and cocktail hour from your photographer's laptop and project them on a screen during dinner. Guests will love looking at what they just experienced, and they'll have plenty to talk about at the tables.

After the Reception...

7. Go Digital
Instead of mounting a few photos on a wall in traditional frames, display a bunch in a single digital frame. Upload multiple images from a memory card or your computer and watch a slideshow of your day. You can even add music. It makes a great gift too.

8. Book 'Em
Skip the traditional album (the one with thick-as-cardboard, single-photo pages) in favor of high-quality coffee table books, like AsukaBooks. The images are printed on paper, and the layout is more like what you'd see in a magazine. Opt for a leather-bound or Lucite-covered book for a classic look that's less stuffy than a traditional album.

Wedding Album

9. Learn to Preserve
Enlarging some final prints on museum-quality, fiber-based, silver paper will definitely be worth the purchase down the road when your precious memories are still intact. "A photograph on this paper could last for several hundred years," says Jen Kroll, a photographer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. When archiving your photos and negatives, choose acid-free boxes, negative-sleeves, and binders. They're pricey, but the absence of acid prevents your photos from yellowing or deteriorating.