Friday, June 26, 2009

Ooh, the prize!

Almost two weeks ago I decided to host a contest to see who can conjure up the most unique and wonderful coordination package titles. To help inspire you I have included the prize to be won. This is a fabulous book full of vivid and beautiful photographs from one of the best in the business, Colin Cowie. If you would like to receive this gorgeous book for free all you have to do is email me three names for my coordination packages at and if you are selected it will be mailed to you! How easy!

Get Married

Wedding planning is easy at is another great resource for brides and features tips on Health, Beauty, Wedding Gowns, Planning tips and so much more! Coming this October they will role out Get Married Magazine! Make sure to check out this link to receive a free issue of the magazine.

Coming Soon!

My talented friends at Beaty Photography will soon share the newest trends they are seeing in wedding photography, what to make sure you ask your photographer and some great photos from their shoots!

The Name Game

I remember the debate with my husband before we were married regarding the name game. I wanted to hyphenate my maiden and married name and my husband was very adimant that I take his name. I soon realized that I would have six "n"s in my name and that would look like chicken scribble! Honestly, I saw how much it meant to my husband that I accpet his name and eventually let the feminist within subside and accepted his name. The choice is totally up to you AND your husband, but here are some tips for changing your name.

The inside scoop on navigating the name-change process with ease.

Name change is a hot topic these days with both brides and grooms. Do you change your name completely, hyphenate, not change anything or find some way to compromise? We asked Danielle Tate, founder of, an online name-change service for brides and newlyweds, what wisdom she would share with couples.

1. Many couples forget to discuss name-change before their weddings, which can lead to some tense newlywed discussions. Take some time prior to your wedding to discuss both of your views on name-change and work together to come up with an acceptable plan.

2. How can you compromise on name-change without hyphenating? Depending on your state of residence you could take your maiden name as a new middle name, elect to have two last names without a hyphen or have your husband change his name.

3. Most brides do not have enough time to change their names before their honeymoon, so avoid potential travel disaster by booking your honeymoon and travel documents in your maiden name or be sure to let your fiancé know that he should.

4. Order two or three certified copies of your marriage certificate after your wedding. You will need these certificates to file many of your name-change forms; waiting for one form to be processed before you file the next form is a huge waste of time. You may also need a copy of your marriage license to travel over seas if the arrangments were made in your married name and you have not changed your driver's license, passport, etc.

5. Don’t be afraid to use a name-change service. was designed to guide brides and newlyweds through the entire name-change process while saving them hours of time and filing frustration.

6. Enjoy your new name! Once you’ve made your name-change decision and filed your paperwork, celebrate with a new monogrammed item or stationary. There’s nothing like being a new Mrs!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New and Unique Alternative Guest Book

I have fallen guilty, like so many other couples, and stashed the cherished guest book into a box in the closet. This new alternative is indeed a memento that can be cherished without becoming dated or distracting to your new home decor.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've worked diligently to decide what packages to offer my clients while also adding new and innovative services. The only thing I have had difficulty doing is coming up with innovative names for my packages. I'm giving all of my readers until July 1, 2009 to submit three different, unique, innovative package names to me. You can email me your suggestions at I will then list all of these names on my blog for a vote and the most votes will win a fabulous prize!

How much easier could it be?!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Welcoming Shower

While 'the times are a changin' so are the customs, traditions and etiquette of American Entertainment. Even while planning my wedding in 2002 I noticed how standard etiquette and tradition were changing. I tried to uphold them as much as possible and thankfully, had the quintessential Emily Post as my very own grandmother for assistance and proper etiquette. Not only are the rules for the wedding and reception changing, but also for pre and post wedding events and Baby Showers are no exception!

Baby Showers are fabulous! I love attending these joyous and adorably themed parties. I love the smell of frosted cupcakes or cake as much as I enjoy eating them, the smell of scotch tape on wrapping paper, the stories mothers tell the expectant mother, all the adorable tiny clothes and the smell of baby lotion!!

The newest trend in baby showers has become the baby welcoming shower. This type of shower has wonderful advantages to a "traditional" shower.
  • The mother may drink a glass of champagne!
  • The guests who could not attend the birth will be able to view the new bundle
  • It's a great opportunity for the new parents to receive gifts, not that they are expected, for the child they may not have received prior to the birth
  • The theme to the shower is already so easy; The new baby!
  • The shower can be made more personal and intimate while the mother can learn those always wanted parenting tips. Ha!
  • The shower can be made to feel less formal and can even be in the form of a BBQ
  • No games are required


  • Have lots of hand sanitizer
  • Make sure the mother and/or father have adjusted to the new busy schedule of being parents
  • Make sure no guest who attends is ill
  • You could even suggest the guests help the new mom to scrapbook pictures of the baby while at the shower
  • While this can be a less formal event, make sure you still accommodate the wishes of your honorees

These can be a great alternative to the traditional pre-baby baby shower and have gained popularity over the past couple of years. So if the unexpected occurs during your pregnancy or you would like to introduce your new joy to everyone at once this is a great option.

New Ad's

I have been working hard with a terrific graphic artist, who also happens to be a friend of my twin sister, and ended up having him create two different ads for me. I am using one ad for listing in Northwest Arkansas Wedding Ideas and will be in the July 2009 issue. So, please make sure you pick one up and schedule an appointment with me to discuss your upcoming event!

I then had this patient and creative man design another ad that advertises the other types of events I handle besides weddings.

I am very pleased with how these two ads turned out and hope that my clients will be just as pleased and call to schedule an appointment!

I need to email him once again and tweak the size of this ad, but am very pleased with his vision, talent and patience with me! Thanks so much Gabe!