Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coming Soon!

It is getting difficult to sit down and blog when the weather is so beautiful outside! Any moment my three year old son is awake he is constantly shouting "Outside" or "Bike"! I have to pick him up from his Mother's Day Out program in thirty minutes, so let's see what I can get accomplished...

1) I am in the process of putting together a "One Stop Shop" for event planning vendors in Northwest Arkansas and other great websites that I have used for events and hope to have them up by the end of this weekend.

2) I am working with a friend of mine who is a graphic design artist to revamp my website and blog so hopefully these will be up and running by the end of May.

3) Let's see if we can get my husband on board with my career aspirations! Keep those fingers crossed!

4) I hope to post all the fantastic blogs and sites I've ran across this past week and hopefully incorporate these into your next event!

Enjoy this weather today!!

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