Friday, September 3, 2010

Mad Hatter's Ball for the American Cancer Society

We have finally moved and are beginning to feel like things will resume to "normal." I have been meaning to blog about this wonderfully fun event for a couple of weeks, but I was ready to move!
I was honored when the American Cancer Society contacted me in January 2010 to co-chair a new fundraising event for their chapter in Northwest Arkansas. My grandmother had passed away from cancer on Christmas morning 2008 and my aunt would be diagnosed and pass away with stage IV brain, lung and bone cancer while planning with this event. Let's say that ACS "hits home" with me.

We had a wonderful committee this year who poured a number of hours into making this event successful. We also had wonderful sponsors including:

Delta Trust
BNSF Logistics
Best Buy
The Gardens of Arkanshire (our Platinum sponsor)
All photos courtesy of Anita with Steely Joe Studio! She also served as a committee member!

The main theme of our event was "Whimsical." This theme was carried from our guests' attire, decor, centerpieces, and even the catering! There were hats of every size, shape and color. We had hats you could rent for the evening and even had a hat contest.
Talk about a fun night!

We contacted local florists within Northwest Arkansas and asked them to create "whimsical" floral centerpieces for our guest tables. The florists amazed us with what whimsical creations that created!! They were all so unique and right on the mark! Our guests were then able to purchase their favorite centerpiece with the proceeds benefitting ACS.

Rose of Sharon in Fayetteville created her centerpieces in large tea cups with hydrangea, hanging amarynthis (one of my favorites), gerberas and more. I loved the short and round centerpieces!

Align Center
I had created over 20 quotes from the "Alice in Wonderland" movie and placed them in the centerpieces and on the tables for discussion points.

Ladybug Floral and Finds in Fayetteville created their "whimsical" centerpieces:
Stacked teacups with flowers

Red Roses with playing cards
A beautiful arrangement with a great whimsical hat!
Centerpieces made from button mums to resemble mushrooms

and even a centerpiece with the "White Rabbit!"

Candy Bouquet, featuring Designs by Suzanna in Rogers, created her own "whimsical" centerpieces too!
I just love kale!

A black feather wreath as a base with red roses and a hat stand in the center! We had suspended lanterns from the ceiling, and unknowingly, Candy Bouquet, featuring Designs by Suzanna incorporated them into her centerpieces.

Literally, a Candy Bouquet. I wonder how I didn't end up at one of these tables!

A centerpiece that incorporated a mushroom and clock. Of course, the kale!

The playing cards

These two centerpieces were covered in moss that was spritzed with water. Tea cups filled with candy adorned the moss and flowers and butterflies were incorporated too.
Our very own guests to the Gala created this centerpiece! I actually had someone come up to me at the event and ask how much this creation was!!

Can you tell it was a great event?!
Country Gardens in Springdale created six of these monstrous centerpieces. I loved that they were tropical and so unique! I received a floral lesson from the owner of Country Gardens on the species of the flowers, but I didn't write them down!

I remember Kanagroo Paw (both with fur and sans fur), Bird of Paradise, Bromeliad, and Anthurium. These large centerpieces sat on top of upside down top hats.

We can't forget that Boom Kinetic played! I had never heard them before, but must admit that I did do some dancing to classic 80's!! I also received an encore when they performed at a client's wedding two weeks later.
You can't forget about the food! The Gardens of Arkanshire were the Platinum sponsors of the Gala and prepared all of the food. We even named the food stations!
We had the Queen's Dessert Table that featured:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Brownies and Cupcakes

And, meltaways! I admit, I ate quite a few of these! I didn't shrink upon eating them, but did grow. I guess I ate from the wrong side!

Another station was named "Off with their heads" that featured Artichoke Tarts:

Another was named "Cabbages and Kings" that featured chicken lettuce wraps

Another was named "Frumious" that featured Greek food like this wonderful Greek Salad!

Kim Moore, co-chair, Scott Dorminy, ACS Director, and myself after a long night and months of hard work!!
The event raised $11,000 for ACS and we will begin working on the 2011 Gala next month!

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  1. Shannon, this looks incredible! Would have loved to have been able to come!!