Friday, October 29, 2010

Pleasantries from a Mother of the Bride

What a joy to receive this in the mail today! It definitely is what makes me love what I do!

"Shannon saved our family! With the overwhelming task of planning our first daughter's wedding in six months. I knew we needed help. After meeting and talking with 2 other wedding planners, and feeling very discouraged, we met with Shannon. What a breath of fresh air!! We left that meeting feeling happy, relieved, and looking forward to the whole process.

Two things in particular about Shannon I really appreciate. Okay, three. Number one: she dresses, speaks, and acts like a professional. Her calm demeanor "unruffled" many feathers between my daughter and me. But don't let that fool you: when pushes come to shove say, with an uncooperative church rep, who was being very rude, Shannon was right there with mama bear instincts for her bride. Number two: She has great design and color sense: If we were stuck wondering which way to go on the reception tables, or the flower budget questions, she had really good ideas and suggestions. She was full of creative ideas, and shared them with us liberally. Number three: She and her assistants made the wedding day a relaxed and happy one for mother and bride! If there were any catastrophes, we didn't hear about them! We can look back to that day and still feel the "we're in good hands" aura that Shannon has. Thank you, Shannon, from the bottom of our hearts."

I definitely had a great team of vendors that helped to make this wedding day a true memory for the bride and her mother. You can check out who they were here.

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