Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 Trends: Catering

November through February is the busiest time for couples to get engaged. These couples are also in luck because all of the 2011 trends are being released so these couples can be first to incorporate them into the wedding theme.

The December/January 2011 issue of Event Solutions magazine asked experts in the hospitality industry for their suggestions and these are some of the trends they saw:

1) Pies for entrees and desserts

Pies will start edging out cupcakes as the "king of dessert" and they will be made with both sweet and savory fillings. Also, individually deep fried pies will be popular (my uncle's favorite!)

2) Mini food

Two bite hot dogs, tacos, burritos, and tiny pot roasts

3) Edible "dirt"

Dried and charred foods that look like dirt and add textures to dishes.

4) Old Italian

Familiar dishes like spaghetti and regional Italian ingredients.

5) Korean Cuisine

2011 will be the year that Korean Cuisine becomes mainstream

6) Down-home Southern cooking

Grits will become an all-purpose starch.Grits and shrimp could be a popular dish (if you're from the south, you already know this to be true!)

Other observations:

Middle Eastern cuisine like couscous, falafels, hummus, and other traditional ethnic foods (after studying in the Middle East, I would love to see this!)

Deconstructed salads (upscale salad bar for guests to create their own)

Unique serving methods, plating and presentation

A more health conscious approach to event catered food. It's all about offering delicious fresh and innovative healthy and organic foods.

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