Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reception Planning 101: Escort cards vs. Place Cards

There are so many details involved with planning your wedding and the reception is where 50% or more of your budget will be spent. Lots of time and energy are spent deciding on your catering menu, table decor, lighting, DJ and many more!

Many of the brides I work with today still wish to use escort and place card assignments for their guests. This takes a lot of extra energy, but your guests truly do appreciate the effort!

I typically get asked "What's the difference between an escort card and a place card?" Here is an explanation of the difference:

Escort Cards
Escort cards are what your guests pick up during the cocktail hour or as they enter the reception. The cards are arranged in alphabetical order so they are easy for guests to find. The Escort card simply assigns your guests to sit at a specific table. The Escort Card will have your guests' name on it and their table number/name. The name on the escort card should match the formality of your event. If you listed Mr. and Mrs. John Smith on your invitation, this would be listed on the escort card. If your event is less formal you can list Susan Smith and John Smith (Yes, the ladies name is listed first.)

Place Cards
Place cards are typically used at a more formal event. These cards actually "place" your guests at their table. You can have individual escort cards to guide them to their table and their place card at their seat.

Or you can have a large easel, poster board, etc. at the entrace to the reception area to let them know which table they are assigned to. From here, guests will find their table and then find their place card at their assigned seat. This will also follow the formality of your event when listing the names on the card. For your guests who will be bringing a "plus one," it's always best to make a quick phone call or email to find out who they will be bringing so that they too, can feel included in your event.

You can check out a number of websites for escort and place card ideas:


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