Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From Inspiration to Reality: Pirate Birthday Party

Arrr you looking for ideas for a Pirate themed birthday party? I had the pleasure of designing a pirate themed party for a client and know the band of 9 year old pirates-to-be loved it!

The party started with these perfectly themed treasure map invitations that were customized by Suenios Encantados.

"X" marked the spot 

Old and broken fence boards came in very handy for signs!

 A Styrofoam wreath wrapped in black and white stripe fabric that was covered in black tulle, skeletons, necklaces, jewels, and gold coins greeted guests.

A photo booth provided lots of opportunities for the little Buccaneers to show off their pirate loot! 

A scavenger hunt is sure to keep your little Scallywags busy! I divided the guests up into two different teams and had them each get an initial clue on a puzzle piece that would lead the two teams into different places. 

Each puzzle piece led to another clue and when the last collected puzzle piece instructed them to put their pieces together for the next party event! The fun could lead to the cake, pinata, games, gifts or whatever!

I tried to keep the clues "Pirate themed", but the party was outside so I also had to give clues to different objects on the property. This clue led them to the light post by the driveway- making sure to give clues that are age appropriate and safe!

Inside the house the table was decorated with a burlap tablecloth that had fishnet overlays. Black candelabra with red taper candles were strung with necklaces and the table was covered in pirate loot.

 A pirate theme isn't complete without a skull with an eye patch and jewels cascading from his jaw!

 The birthday boy's initial was painted and distressed in coordinating colors.

The party had plenty to keep ye mateys busy:
Photo booth
Scavenger Hunt
Pirate ship pinata
Guess the number of lost eyeballs in the apothecary jar
Pirate Loot
Canon Fight (Water balloon fight)

Some clues that I used:
Rock: A rolling _____gathers no moss 
Flag Pole: Other boats know a pirate ship by this flapping in the wind, high above the boat
Garage: A pirate's ship hides in coveys, but the treasure is where your transportation hides
Soccer goal: You next clue is hidden here, in case you're keeping "score"
Boat Trailer: You may use me to haul your boat, but I'm where the dead men float (I left balloons tied to a skeleton floating.)
I left clues at the dog house (the first clue for one team in the photo above), trampoline, counted off steps to the next clue and more! 

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