Friday, May 8, 2009

The battle between Twitter or Tweet?

It seems that everyone is on twitter these days, except me! I'm usually the last to join the band wagons on social networking sites and am no exception to Twitter. My sister and I were having the discussion last week about whether you "twitter" or "tweet" and I ran across this opinion from a reader in the May 2009 Inc. Magazine. Maybe this reader has put the battle to rest!

Did I just Twitter or Tweet?
Calling your story "We Asked, you Twittered" (March 2009) was like Alice on The Brady Bunch waving a peace sign and shouting "Groovy!" to Marcia and Greg-not a lot of street cred. In the Twitterverse, we tweet about things; we don't Twitter about subjects. I realize the world of Web 2.0 terminologies moves fast, but for a magazine purporting to be on gthe cutting edge, it's important to get the lingo down.

Nancy Marmolejo
Founder,, Anaheim, California

Does that help or make it even more confusing?! So I guess I"ll finally join twitter and tweet.

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