Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

May seems to be a typically busy month with High School and College Graduations, preparing our homes and ourselves for the warmer months ahead and of course, Mother's Day. I thought it would be great to list some ideas to show your Mother(s) just how important they are to you!

1) Let Mom sleep in
2) Prepare her favorite breakfast and bring it to her in bed
3) Clean up the Kitchen
4) Offer to clean the house today
5) Treat Mom to a manicure and pedicure, massage, facial, etc. Who wouldn't love some pampering?
6) Take Mom to a nice lunch at her favorite restaurant
7) Have her favorite flowers arranged in a vase and surprise her with them
8) Make Mom a great meal
9) Have the kiddos make her a special Mother's Day card, keepsake, etc.
10) Let mom watch her favorite movie alone or all pile up in bed and watch
11) Make sure to take photos of Mom enjoying her day
12) Run Mom a bubble bath, light some candles and bring her the newest issue of her favorite magazine
13) Arrange a picnic in the park, weather permitting, where you have prepared the lunch items and remembered all the necessary details, including bug repellant and sunscreen!
14) Offer to bathe the kiddos after the dinner you prepared and cleaned up after :)
15) Enroll Mom in a class she's been wanting to take (i.e. cake decorating, scrapbooking, cooking classes, jazzercise, etc.)
16) Help Mom plant all those May flowers
17) Give Mom a coupon book so she can remember how much you love her throughout the year
18) Make sure to tell Mom how much you love her!

I will be sharing my Mother's Day with three generations of Mother's and making sure they know how much they mean to me and hoping my husband partakes in atleast one idea on my list!


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