Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interview with Erika Dotson of Erika Dotson Photography


Erika Dotson and I have communicated back and forth for months trying to meet but never seem to be on the same schedule. In order to become more familiar with her work I have chosen to highlight she and her work. Her photographs will be in the next post. Enjoy!

APTP: What is your specialized style?
Erika: First and foremost I LOVE anything vintage but beyond that it's a pretty fair mix. I shoot between fine art, photojournalism, modern, creative; very unique are a few words to describe it!

APTP: What is your favorite shot to take?
Erika: Hmm...that varies with each couple and I like to try new things with each couple.

APTP: What is your favorite time to shoot a wedding?
Erika: I love to shoot an hour just before sunset. If you do a "first look" you'll have dreamy couple shots before the ceremony. Then, the lighting is perfect during your ceremony and then right after we are able to get the family portraits squared away with plenty of spare light.

APTP: What has been some of your most memorable photo shots?
Erika: I love when people get really into a theme for engagements. For example, if you love to travel together, dressing the part along with old suitcases. Or, if you love to watch movies we could take shoots in theatre with 3D glasses; pretty much anything that is different! The kissing shot in front of sparklers is always a winner!

APTP: What new trends are you seeing in wedding photography?
Erika: Texture and vintage feel photos as well as a more fine art approach. All the stuffy poses are gone!

APTP: Who is your "ideal" client?

  • Someone who loves
  • Someone who takes into consideration the advice I love to freely hand out.
  • Someone who is easy going and doesn't get super stressed.
  • Someone who enjoys every second of their wedding day.
  • Someone who is crafty and has a major eye for every little detail.

APTP: What is your favorite part of the job?

Erika: I absolutely love that I get to work with such happy families! That's the best part. Everyone is always happy at weddings and it's a good work environment! I love to travel too!

APTP: Why did you choose photography?

Erika: I have always wanted to be an artist since I was little. I had a serious interest in high school and have just continued to pursue. I had several opportunities fall into my lap and I ran with them!

APTP: What has been the best advice you have been given?

Erika: Always exceed your customer's expectations!

APTP: What advice do you want to share with brides who are looking for a wedding photographer?

Erika: Be sure you don't go for the budget because in the long run you could spend $$$ on your photographer and hate your images. You would have wasted more money than if you spent $$$$ and love your images forever! Also, it's imperative that you get along with your photographer! You will be spending more than just your wedding day with this person!

I would like to thank Erika for taking time out to let us get to know her on a personal and professional level! I have asked her to share some of her favorite wedding photographs with us and they will be in the next post.

You can find Erika at

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