Saturday, February 27, 2010

Interview with Rose of Sharon

Thea Daniel, owner of Rose of Sharon in Fayetteville, is one of our wonderful "Dream Day" Giveaway sponsors so it is perfectly fitting to highlight her work and her business on the blog! Rose of Sharon is donating 50% off their "By the Season" package to the winner of the "Dream Day" Giveaway, which will be drawn at random on March 16, 2010.

Where did your shop get it's name?

"Rose of Sharon" is the common name for the Althea, a blooming shrub. Although I go by Thea, my name is actually Althea.

How long have you been in business?

Since April 1998

How did you get started in the industry?

While in college, I volunteered at a local florist shop over spring break one year. After 40 hours of free labor, they offered me a part time job-with training.

What is your favorite type of event?

I really enjoy large-scale weddings. I love the planning that goes into this type of event; the coordination necessary between the different vendors and the feeling that you get when it all comes together. When you've changed "ordinary" into "magical".

What is your ideal client?

One who trusts my creativity, and one I connect to emotionally.

How do you work with DIY (Do It Yourself) Brides?

Several different ways. For brides (and any other members of the wedding) who want to create their own pieces, but aren't sure how, we offer training workshops. For brides who want to do some of their floral work, we work to create a unified look. Usually this means we design the bouquets and other body flowers, while they handle the centerpieces. If a bride wishes to purchase flowers through a wholesale company ( like Sam's Club) or from a local Farmer's Market, we will use the flowers provided; although, we will only guarantee our design work. We are also starting a bulk purchase program so that brides can purchase all the necessary materials in one place. This program is still being developed, so it's not on the website yet.

Do you work with brides on a budget?

Of course! We will do everything we can to meet a requested budget. Sometimes adjustments must be made to the types of flowers used or the quantity of items created to meet that budget. But, we'll make suggestions to help this process.

What trends are you seeing in wedding florals today?

Vintage! Lots of "old fashioned" flowers like garden roses, peonies, and hydrangeas. this is a look that I love, by the way. It meshes with my personal style.

What is your favorite type of flower?

My long-time favorite is the traditional yellow daffodil. I also like a lot of the spring flowers-tulips, hyacinths, pussy willow, etc. I also like oriental lilies and a perfect rose, regardless of variety or color, is stunning. Peonies are another flower I love. Sometimes it's a particular colored flower that gets me. I guess it really depends on my mood more than anything else.

What advice can you give brides who are looking for a florist?

Make sure you connect emotionally with your florist. There are a lot of talented designers around, but if you don't connect emotionally, it won't work.

What should brides keep in mind when selecting their flowers?

Pay attention to your dislikes as well as your likes. Make sure your florist knows what these are. This goes a long way in making sure you're happy with your entire floral order.

What has been one of the most significant moments in your careers?

The completion of my first large-scale wedding. I was sitting at the reception, under this enormous centerpiece, and it suddenly hit me that I had a part in making this happen. It was the first time in about 5 days that I slowed down enough to really look around. It was breathtaking and I knew that I wanted to recreate this feeling as often as possible!

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