Saturday, February 27, 2010

Modern Etiquette

While many brides are wanting to uphold traditions in their weddings, times are changing!Etiquette must be adjusted to the times as well. This is an extremely common question so now you will know how to handle these tricky questions with grace and tact. Enjoy!

Question: Is there a tactful way to put the word out we want cash, not gifts?

Answer: Cash gifts are perfectly acceptable if the guests feel comfortable with the idea. Even though cash gifts are traditional in some areas and cultures, some people just don't like to give money as a gift, and that's their prerogative. Use the grapevine to let guests know your preference, or, if you're asked directly, you might say: "We're saving for dining room furniture, so if you like the idea of giving us a check as a gift, that's how we'll use it. Whatever you decide would be terrific! Thank you for thinking of us."

It is never appropriate to place any comments regarding gifts or registries with your wedding invitation!

If you have an etiquette question, leave a comment and we will assist!

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