Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding Emergency Kit

It's finally your wedding day! While everything at the ceremony and reception are being taken care of by the professionals, don't forget to make sure you are are being taken care of too by including these essentials in your wedding emergency kit!

  • Emergency
    Band-aids for boo-boos
  • Mole skin works great to guard feet against blisters
    Hand Cream
  • Nail File
  • Fashion tape to keep your clothes in place
    Nail polish remover

  • Picture Perfect details
    Soft rice paper to powder your beautiful face
    Bobby pins (these are always needed)
  • touch up lip gloss in your wedding day color
  • Disposable razors in case you missed a spot

  • Drama
  • Tissues to dry your joyful tears or a hanker-chief
    Gentle eye drops
    Makeup remover

  • Close Encounters
    breath fresheners for close encounters
    toothpaste and a toothbrush (or substitute with whips)
  • floss (you never know!)

  • Don't leave home without
    Advil® for splitting headache relief
    sewing kit with pre-threaded needles
  • hand sanitizer
  • tampons (mother nature can be cruel!)

  • Calming
    Cushions for your dancing feet
    Pepcid Complete® to quiet your butterflies

  • Details
    Keep-your-cool with Dove® deodorant
    Nail polish for touch-ups and to stop stocking runs
    Static Guard®
  • Q-tips in case you need to touch up makeup mishaps

  • Better be prepared
    Scissors to snip unruly threads
    Krazy Glue®
    Lint sheets
  • white chalk in case someone steps on your dress before pictures

  • For the girls
  • Pucker up
    Clear straws to sip champagne without smudging your lipstick
    Clear lip gloss
You can also purchase all of these necessities in one Mojuba bag. Bonus, you can purchase one for your groom too!

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