Friday, August 19, 2011

Wedding Exits

You have spent months or even years planning your wedding and have even covered the details down to the color and design on the cocktail napkins. In all of the details, don't forget to plan your grande exit as Mr. and Mrs. at the end of the ceremony or as you and your new hubby leave your guests for the night.

The most important part of deciding what type of exit you would like to have is to ask your event venue what they allow! Some event venues forbid sparklers if alcohol will be present, others forbid real rose petals inside, while others forbid balloons and bubbles. You definitely don't want to purchase all of the exit goodies to find out they won't be allowed and be left without that great photo op!

A rose petal canon will leave you with a romantic feeling

Gorgeous drama as your guests release hundreds of lit lanterns into the night sky!

Create a fun glow with sparklers (definitely make sure children are supervised.)

Your guests could unravel rolls of colored streamers (bonus if they coordinate with your wedding colors.)

A romantic exit as your guests wave ribbon wands (this makes me think of royalty.)

Guests could toss cones filled with confetti for a colorful and plentiful send off.

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