Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mastering Wedding Etiquette

Now that we are officially in "the" wedding planning season, I am going to start to highlight and answer some of the top wedding etiquette questions being asked today. If you have an etiquette question, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog!

Question: When do we display our married logo?

Answer: Proper etiquette states that you are only to display your married logo after the ceremony. So your married logo should not be used on wedding invitations, save the dates, ceremony programs, thank you cards for showers, etc. You can use just the bride's initial or the bride and groom's initials for all pre-ceremony stationary and then have your married monogram on your cocktail napkins, dance floor gobo, wedding cake, favors, etc.

Note: The order of a monogram is as follows:
Groom's first initial, your last name initial, and the bride's first name initial

(R) for Ryan (L) for Langston and (S) for Shannon

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