Thursday, January 7, 2010

Planning 101- Budget

It is probably THE busiest planning season for brides, and coordinators! Thousands of brides are just beginning their wedding planning and realizing what a daunting task this is! It isn't just fun details like deciding on colors and the gorgeous dress, but the headaches of bigger issues, like your budget! To those of you who read my blog you are aware that I do not condone going into debt to pay for your one "perfect" day, but to decide on a wedding budget and stick with it.

First, decide who is going to help contribute to your wedding. If you are one of the 59% of today's couples paying for your wedding, you should know what your budget is early on and be able to stick with it. Are your parents paying for 100% or only certain expenses?

Second, sit down with both sets of parents and have the "budget talk". If they are willing to contribute, how much? Are your parents paying for certain expenses like the dress ,cake, reception and lodging? Are the groom's parents paying for the caterer and alcohol? Everyone needs to feel comfortable with what they are able and willing to help pay for.

Third, will the money go into a special wedding account,will they give you the total amount up front, or will they provide you with the money when the vendors need to be paid? Getting all of this settled in the beginning will help to ease stress as the wedding plans progress and more and more vendors are required payment simultaneously.

Once you know how much your wedding budget is you should start to feel more comfortable as you begin to contact vendors. You should also decide which details of your planning are more important to you. Are you just hard set on getting married in this church, but not so picky about the species of flowers in your bouquet? Are you just determined to have this specific DJ and ice sculpture? You can give your budget an adjustment when you determine what is really most important to you and your groom.

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