Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rescue 911: When having a wedding coordinator really pays!

One of my wonderful brides called me one afternoon while I was on lunch. I almost let it go to voicemail since I was on a lunch date, but felt that I needed to answer that particular call. I picked up and my sweet bride was in tears!

She was just two weeks out from her wedding and had contacted her hired string quartet to follow up after a week or so of no responses to her emails or voicemails. The conversation did not end well and the string quartet bailed on my bride, leaving her extremely tearful and emotional. You can imagine, right?! The "momma bird" in me immediately went to assure my sweet bride that she would get her deposit back and that we would also secure another string quartet just two weeks out from her wedding.

I made one phone call and had secured a wonderful string quartet. Thankfully, they were availalbe for her wedding day!

An added bonus of hiring a wedding coordinator is having access to our contacts! I try very hard to make sure that I have the best possible list of vendors to work with any budget, style and client. What was turning out to be a very emotional and stressful situation for my bride was quickly resolved and even allowed her more customization in her music selections for her ceremony! What a bonus!

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