Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Blooms

We are officially into Spring in the south! While the weather has taken a turn and it still feels like winter, these gorgeous blooms will assure us all that Spring will be here in the south very soon! I love spring blooms and these are sure to be show stoppers in your bouquets and centerpieces!

These are easy to spot with their black centers. In spring, these typically come in white, pink, purple and red. These are certain to stand out especially, against a white



French tulips are ideal for large arrangements, while Dutch tulips work great in your bridal bouquets. Their availability begins in November but peak in early spring (they are beginning to sprout up across Northwest Arkansas now) and they come in any wedding worthy color!

I love the beauty and elegance of the peach French Tulips!


Ranunculus is my second favorite wedding flower! We will cover my first one in just a bit. :-) I love the fullness, texture and dimension that a Ranunculus has to offer. They are available in an array of colors too, most notably pink, orange and yellow. However, I chose to highlight the beauty and softness of the light pink and white!


We now come to my favorite wedding flower and quite possibly, the most striking and lucious flower, the peony. While the peony is breathtaking in its appearance and smell, it also is on your wedding budget! But, every bride needs a splurge somewhere, right?

This deep pink will add beautiful drama to your wedding.

A beautiful elegance with white and light pink.

Wow your guests with this soft pink.

Other bouquet worthy spring blooms:

Cherry Blossoms



Sweet Peas


Lily of the Valley

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