Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bridezilla vs. The Laizzes-Faire Bride

We have all heard of Bridezillas and have probably even witnessed a real-life sighting! But, we may not have all heard of the laizzes-faire bride. I was reading "Be A Guest At Your Own Wedding" in the Spring 2009 Elegant Bride and decided to term this breed of bride the laizzes-faire bride. Plenty of brides hire planners to execute their wedding, the difference is that a growing number of brides are almost completely relinquishing creative (not budgetary) control from the get-go. The article stated that 25% of "The Wedding Library" clients these days are willing to hand her the planning reins. An interviewed bride stated "the element of surprise-and the indulgence of a carefree engagment-makes the event even sweeter." How sweet is that? The good thing about handing over the reings 100% is that you are not looking for the little details that went wrong and only get to enjoy the beauty of the day along with your guests and be just as surprised as they are!


Would you hand your wedding plans over 100%? Why? Why Not?

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