Sunday, July 12, 2009

Interview with Beaty Photography

My long time friends at Beaty Photography who are a husband and wife photography team out of Fort Smith, AR, and I finally got around to a Q&A regarding Wedding Photograhpy.

A Party to Perfection:
What are the largest trends you are seeing in wedding photography?

Beaty Photography:
Bride and Groom First Look
Couples more and more are wanting to see each other before the wedding starts. *Note from A Party to Perfection, this is known as the "bridal presentation"* This is mainly for two reasons: 1) Calm down their nerves a little and 2) It allows for more pictures to be taken before the ceremony, thus making it a better and quicker transition to the reception.
A Photojournalistic approach
This is what we are all about! Capturing the real moments of their wedding day as they happen. Love at its purest.
Day After Sessions
We call ours an "Afterknot Session". The couple can have a session the day after their wedding or after they get back from their honeymoon. The ycan get all dressed up in their wedding day attire and have an awesome session at locations that were unattainable on their wedding day. They are a blast t osay the least!

A Party to Pefection asks: What are some of your favorite shots?

Beaty Photography:
1) Capturing Love's real moments
2)Details, Details, Details
3)Anything Awesome!

A Party to Perfection asks the Beaty's: What should bride's make sure they ask their photographer?

Beaty Photography:
1) Why are you a wedding photographer? Find out if there is a passion behind what they are doing.
2)Do you know how to have fun or what do you do for fun? If they sound fun, then your day will be less stressful.
3) Do they have a business license? Sounds funny to ask, but they will be less likely to skip out on your if they have one.
4) Do you have a second shooter? Are they asking a buddy or another professional to shoot with them? With two photographers, no details will be missed.
5) Do you use professional equipment? Equipment doesn't make the photographer, but there really is a big difference between models and their capabilities.
6) Do you have backup equipment in case something goes wrong? This is a must for any photographer.
7)How do you backup the images after a wedding? This day only happens once so make sure they will properly back up all of your images.
8) Can we contact a few of your past brides? Then ask the brides: "What do you remember about your wedding photographer?" This will reassure you that you've found your perfect photographer.

I want to thank Beaty Photography for taking time to answer these questions and for sending me some of their photos! Make sure to check out their website and blog at With this information, the bride and groom will know that they have hired a fun, up to date and professional photographer to cover one of the most important days in their lives!

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  1. I have used Beaty Photography and they do excellent work! Not only do they specialize in wedding photography, but they do many other types of work as well, families, graduates, babies, etc. They are very personable and make it a fun experience.