Thursday, July 23, 2009

Interview with Shannon Langston

Do you need a wedding or event planner? Only you can answer that question, but if you do decide on a wedding or event planner you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.

What can a coordinator do for you?

*Help you to create the type of wedding you want. With that knowledge you'll be able to pick your venue, vendors, color scheme, theme, music, etc.
*Help you create a budget sheet and keep track of where your money is going and how much you still owe
*Help keep you on your budget and not go over...too much!
*Suggest vendors that fit your budget and vision
*Make a wedding/event planning schedule so that you know what you've done and what still needs to be done
*In most cases a coordinator can save you money because of their connections in the industry
*Take care of emergencies that arise
*Create a wedding/event day schedule

With this being said, do I qualify as a professional coordinator? You be the judge.

Question and Answer with Shannon Langston, Owner of A Party to Perfection

1) How long have I been a wedding coordinator?
-Six years
2)What coordinating organization do you belong to and do you have a diploma?
-I have received an event management certification and am currently working on my Professional Bridal Consultant certification. I will become a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants upon completion of my certification program (270 hours). I am a member of Event Peeps, National Association of Professional Women, and A VIP member of Who's Who of American Business Owners
3)How do you charge?(Percentage, flat fee, hourly)
-My packages are based on a flat fee per event. I do include a specified time frame in my wedding packages and if time has expired, I may charge an hourly fee.
4)How much will you charge on the services we need?
-I want to provide the best service possible at an affordable and honest price to both my client and myself. I have a base price for all of my packages, but these can all be customized to fit your needs and the amount of time required. I will definitely work with my client and their budget.
5)How may times will we meet and how long will each meeting last?
-This too, depends on the type of event which you are requesting my services. If you need me to arrange a Bridal or Baby Shower,our initial consultation may last only one hour. If you are requesting my services to orchestrate your wedding a year out, it may be a much longer consultation. I do not adhere to the clock when I'm meeting with my clients. I want both of our times to be respected, but will meet with you as long as possible to understand you and your vision.
6)Will you meet with our vendors and look over their contracts?
-Absolutely! I will make sure that everything we have discussed is in the vendor contract. I actually request copies of contracts you have already signed prior to our meeting for my review. I also want you to review your contract with me to make sure you are getting the agreed upon service!
7)Do you have a backup in case of emergency and can't make our wedding and who they are?
-Yes, this will be detailed in all of my contracts that are specific to your booked event
8)Can you help plan a wedding on our budget?
-Yes, it's easy to plan an event with a limitless budget, but that's not the case 98% of the time. There are so many options available today that there is no reason you can't have a beautiful event on a limited budget.
9)Will you contact our vendors before our event?
-Absolutely! I will always contact contracted vendors to make sure that everyone understands what is expected of them and when.
10)Can you handle last minute emergencies and changes?
-That's the scariest part of my job! Give me a Bridezilla any day, but the unexpected if truly frightening! Part of my job is covering and preparing for any possible scenario and having a backup plan. Will an emergency pop up? Yes. Will I be prepared to handle them? Yes. I"ll post more about the scenarios to be prepared for in a later post.

I know this post was winded, but it's a start. There are so many other questions to answer and I will gladly answer them, just shoot me an email or post it as a comment!

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