Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Head Table vs. Sweetheart Table

So the debate continues on whether today's brides hold up tradition and stick with the Head Table, opt for the romantic Sweetheart table or conjure up an entirely new idea. Many people think of this when they think of a head table:

This image will haunt me for days to come!

The concept of a head table is valid and understood, but there is always the chance that your guests and bridal party will despise it. If you do decide to honor tradition by having a head table at your wedding remember this:

*The significant others of those involved in your bridal party. Your bridal party will have vested many hours with you and your groom on your wedding day and may opt to sit with their children or significant other who have been assigned to sit at a table with people they do not know, awkward.
*You or your new husband may feel uneasy eating in front of all of your guests as they watch your every move.
*You and your guests may not feel as free to mingle with eachother if you are seated at the head table
*Your bridal party may feel confined to the table throughout the reception

If you do decide on a head table, consider inviting the partners of your bridal party to join the new Mr. and Mrs.

This head table is absolutely fabulous! It is intimate, modern and totally goes against the sterotypical head table idea. Photo from Michelejustmarry

This is a gorgeous head table that provides seating on both sides. This would definitely accomodate your bridal party and their significant others.
Photo from Francoise Weeks

The Sweetheart table is much more intimate, romantic, and can be be the focal point of your venue with a lot less effort than the traditional head table. The Sweetheart table allows you and your new spouse the opportunity to briefly rest your feet, take in the moment of the day and even chit chat. Guests may feel more welcome to come and visit with you personally at your table, but hopefully your wonderful wedding coordinator (uh hum) will have a fabulous plan lined up so that yo and your new hubby can grab a bite of the food you so carefully chose!

These sweetheart tables are so perfect, you could enjoy it long after the wedding!

Photos from The Knot

The decision is ultimately left to you and how you wish to carry out the theme and over all feel of your reception. You can throw all of these ideas out of the window and bring in lounge seating, canopies, whatever you can imagine!

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