Monday, August 24, 2009

It's all about the dress, right?!

The designers did a fabulous job this year with the 2010 Runway Shows! I did a couple of posts of my favorites in July, but that didn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the styles of wedding dresses. Here are some often referred to tips when searching for your perfect dress:
1) Schedule your appointment at the bridal boutique on a weekday. The store will be less crowded and your consultant will be able to devote her attention on you and not a number of other brides.

2)Leave the colored undergarments at home. The salon will most likely provide you with a corset and hoop skirt to try on under all of the dresses, but just try to remember to leave the polka dots at home.

3)Leave your posse at home. Definitely bring your BFF and those you trust, but make sure you do not have a group of women who all disagree with EVERY dress you try on.

4)Don't judge the dresses before you try them on. Bring pictures of styles that you do like to show to your consultant. She will be able to find the exact dress or similar styles. She can even gather an idea of what you are looking for or wanting just by listening to you talk amongst your entourage. It helps to try on all different kinds of dresses, and then to decide which shape and style you look and feel best in. So if the salesperson brings you something she says you must try -- try it, even if you detest the way it looks on the hanger. Many a bride has ended up going ga-ga for a wedding gown the salesperson had to persuade her to try on. Be open to ideas.

5)Don't just roll out of bed. Take time to style your hair and apply makeup. I'm not saying that you have to visit the salon and get a makeover, but a little effort will help you feel confident while you try on dresses. Also, practice how you will wear your hair.

6)Do not be alarmed by the size of the dress you end up ordering!! When you're ready to order your wedding dress, the store will take your measurements: bust, waist, and hips. Each manufacturer has its own measurement chart, and this is what the store will use to determine your size. A knowledgeable store will know how a particular designer's gowns are supposed to fit. Ask to see the sizing chart so you can have a better understanding of the way it works. And make sure the correct size gets ordered, using your largest measurement as a guide. One thing to remember: wedding gowns run small, so don't be alarmed should your final size measurement jump up a number or two.

7)Do not buy your dress in a different size assuming you will "lose five pounds". It is always cheaper to have your dress taken in than let out. Buy the size that fits you like a glove today.

8)Be aware of how long it takes to order, make, ship, receive and alter your dress. You should ideally order your dress six months before your wedding date to ensure there are no last minute rushes which equals more money.

9)Make sure you budget for alterations. You will most likely have to have your dress hemmed, taken in at the bust/waist and bustled. These can very easily start at $150.

10)Sleep on it. Even after you think you've found your wedding gown, take a day to be absolutely sure it's the one for you. Since bridal gowns are custom-made, most salons put a no-return policy in their contracts; if you can get any money back, it probably won't be any more than 50 percent of the cost. Be aware that your order is a contract and entitles you to purchase the dress regardless of whether you decide to elope or postpone the wedding.

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