Monday, August 24, 2009

Winter 2009 Inspiration Board

As I mentioned last week, I'm new at inspiration boards and will only improve. While meeting with clients and listenig to their ideas about their wedding, my mind is already conjuring the emotions I want to convey to my client. It is my job to turn their vision of their wedding into reality. An inspiration board allows me to take all of their ideas and put them into something tangible. I want their senses to be awakened and to actually feel, hear, touch, smell and see their event. Sounds crazy, bu it is true.

I love winter! I can go without the ice storms we occasionally get in Northwest Arkansas, but nontheless, I love winter. I love the sharp cold air,sweaters, the smell of a wood burning fireplace, the smell of scotch tape. I can just walk past a dispenser of scotch tape and am automatically placed in front of my fireplace with a stack of gifts and wrapping paper. Your senses are strong and feed your mind.

I wanted to envision a white wedding which is classically elegant with a little opulence; large white feathers, sleek sweetheart tables, an elegant bride in a stunning dress,and of course my favorite, champagne.

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