Thursday, September 3, 2009

Breaking the Ice

We have all been to business meetings, networking events and weddings where you walk into the room and immediately look for people you know. We have also all taken part in some form of "ice breakers" before. You can either stick a post it note to your forehead and go around the room trying to get to know one another or stand up and metion something about yourself that no one else might know. Weddings are no exception. Except for the bridal party attire you will be sporting at the wedding and menton of your name in the program, many guests will not know your relationship with the Bride and/or Groom. These cute pins range from "Co-worker of the Bride" to "Boss of the Groom" and even "Significant Other" that are a cute way to let guests know your relationship with your bridal party. Psst..they're incredibly affordable. This one is only $3.99. Make sure to check them out.

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