Monday, September 21, 2009

Drew's Halloween Birthday Bash-The Finale!

After hours of hard work and details, Drew's 6th Halloween Birthday Party Bash was Spooktacular! There were TONS of spooky details, but I have only included the ones I had photos to demonstrate. This was a blast to put together and sure did get me ready for Halloween!

Meet the birthday boy, in the Pirate costume, and his friend.

The party area before:

The party area after three hours of nailing, stapling and the almighty...duct tape! I'm checking into the long term investment of Tyvek (house wrap)!

The "Grave yard": Drew was so cute and actually told his Dad that someone was buried in the yard! I used six (6th Birthday) black balloons and anchored them to little rubber mice so they would drift with the wind.

I simply taped Caution tape to the trees and hung skeletons from the branches

The entrance into the Haunted House:

I made signs that read "Caution, Do Not Enter", "Witches Welcome", "Can't Stop Haunting", and "Monster Crossing". I changed the colors to black, purple, and orange and hung them along the gazebo. I also strung up some ripped cloth and a caution sign that the children had to duck under to enter.

Drew wanted a "Carnival" themed Halloween Party so I created the games: Bobbing for Apples, Pumpkin Toss and Pin the face on the Mummy. I used the Cast Iron font to give that fun vibe!

I wanted each corner to have its own feeling. This corner was strung with silk spider webs
with spiders placed in the webs. I also made felt, fury spiders that were suspended from the ceiling.

I created a "hands on" laboratory, the focal point of the party! I suspended black cauldrons from the ceiling, at six year old level, so that the children could reach inside and guess what they were feeling. I had Ears (Apricots), Eye Balls (Peeled Grapes), Intestines (oily spaghetti noodles), Fingers (cut up hot dogs). I did actually use rubber fingers for this one because I happened to have them already, but hot dogs were my back up!

The main attraction!
I made the human waiter head and used it as my centerpiece. It is surrounded by rubber mice, bats and spiders. I also used glow in the dark skeleton heads and added an apothecary with a bubbling brain and cauldron to the table. I suspended black muslin from the ceiling fan and spider filled silk webs to cover the table; a great effect this had!

Drew's mother informed me this morning that he loved it so much they're keeping it up longer and I'm bringing more dry ice for the cauldrons! How wonderful and I know the kiddos had a great time!

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