Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cymbeline...so gorgeous!

I have a list of posts I have promised to get out, but came across these dresses today courtesy of Cocktails and Details. These just scream the fashion forward bride, and me! I can just imagine the gorgeous ceremony and receptions that would accompany these dresses and it makes me giddy!
Cymbeline creates gorgeous wedding gowns for brides who want something that is high in fashion and high in personality. Formed by three talented sisters in Nemours, France, their designs are flawless and fabulous.

I can just see this flamenco style dress moving on the dance floor.

I am actually envisioning an Arizona/Southwest vibe from this design with elegance and simplicity.

This is perfect for the reception and definitely party worthy!

This is so delicate and feminine. This is destined for a garden wedding!

So elegant with the long stream of silver pearls. I can see this dress in many different venues; classy and timeless.

This is my favorite! So fashion forward, chic and eye catching.

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