Monday, October 19, 2009

Tip of the day Monday

No matter what dream dress you have purchased, how you chose to do your hair, the hours of waxing, tweezing, whitening, tanning and grooming you have done-it can all come out less than picture perfect if you freak in front of the camera. Today's tips come from the December/January issue of Modern Bride on How to Look Great in pictures! Yea!

1) Just Breathe.
It helps to relax the face. And you can't smile naturally if you're holding your breath.

2) Avoid the beauty-pageant stance.
So many of us are guilty of this! My older sister has her signature stance deemed "The Arkansas Curve"!

Avoid the beauty pageant stance, where shoulders are square and the hips are angled away from the camera to appear narrower. Instead of having your feet at 11 and 6, try 11 and 2 for a more natural (but still streamlined) look.

3) Be aware of your upper arms.
It is best if they are held slightly away from the body. When you pose with your bouquet, rest your lower arms gently against the hip bones with your hands relaxed and pointing down.

4) Be extra aware of your posture.
Especially if you go the strapless route. Keep your shoulders down and back but don't stick your chest out.

5) A great way to keep from squinting: If the sun's glare is an issue, look at something dark (or keep eye's closed) until your photographer lets you know they are ready to shoot.

*Tip* Place a dark blanket, groomsman's jacket, etc. on the ground in front of you to help with the sunlight.

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  1. Now, if you're actually IN a beauty pageant at the time, then the "Arkansas Curve" is tried and true! ~From...The Older Sister :)